Elle Rathbun

B.S. Honors in Neuroscience

Born: Taichung, Taiwan

Education: The University of Chicago, B.A. in Neuroscience and B.S. in Biological Sciences with a specialization in Endocrinology, following pre-medicine curriculum

Previous Research Exprerience:
Physician Shadowing Coordinator and Research Assistant, University of Chicago Dept. of Hospital Medicine (2016-Present)
Student Research Assistant, Lewis Group, University of Chicago Dept. of Organic Chemistry (2016)

Alzheimer's disease continues to present problems for not only family members who have to watch their loved ones struggle with everyday tasks, but for society as a whole. Therapeutics created to target this neuropathology have been unable to improve cognitive function, and experts expect numbers to grow in the next few decades. This emphasizes the need for further research into the cellular and molecular mechanisms that serve as the basis for Alzheimer's. The protein BIN1 has been identified as a genetic risk factor for the disease, but finding its precise functions remain unknown. I am participating in the Thinakaran lab's research to study BIN1 function in the brain using mouse models.

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