Pierre De Rossi

Post-doctoral Fellow

Born: France 

B.A Biology and Biochemistry (2008)
University Sciences et Techniques, Nantes, France

M.A Physiology and Neuroscience (2010)
University Claude Bernard Lyon1, Lyon, France

Ph.D. Cellular Neurobiology (2013)
University Claude Bernard Lyon1, Lyon, France

 As a graduate student, I worked on the role of VEGF in the regulation of synaptic plasticity for my PhD thesis. The synaptic plasticity can be defined as all the changes involve during synaptic activity. This includes cytoskeleton remodeling, spines size change, post-synaptic density area increase by stabilization of receptors and kinase recruitment. The presynaptic site plays important role in this process by regulating neurotransmitter release and trans-synaptic protein expression as ephrins, neurexins and neuroligins. Studying these processes is a big challenge to understand the cellular basis for memory, which can help us to better understand what happens during pathological processes such as Alzheimer disease. My project in the Thinakaran lab is to use conditional knock-out mouse models to decipher the role of BIN1 as a risk factor for late-onset Alzheimer's disease.

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