Pedro Vasques

Undergraduate Volunteer

Born: São Paulo, Brazil

Education: The University of Chicago, B.S. in Neuroscience with plans to pursue a medical degree

Work Experience: Research Intern, National Embryonic Cells Lab (LaNCE),University of São Paulo (2016)

Recipient - Neuroscience Research Internship

Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects connective tissue leading to many heart and eye problems. At LaNCE, I contributed to a project that attempted to reverse the effects of the disease in already differentiated cells by using CRISPR to fix a single amino acid mutation in the FBN1 gene. Like Marfan, Alzheimer’s disease is fatal. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more prevalent as the population’s life expectancy increases. The devastating effects of Alzheimer’s show how the brain is a powerful yet delicate organ—this paradoxical nature is what makes me love the field of neuroscience. In the Thinakaran lab, I have been refining my research skills and familiarizing myself with animal research. In the future, I hope to continue providing support for existent research and to have a greater understanding of the mechanisms involved in Alzheimer’s.

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