Thomas Guerbette

International Masters Student Intern

Born:  Rouen, France 

Preparatory classes for “Grandes Écoles”: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth          Sciences - Rouen, France
Master's Student at Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes, France,
       plans to continue with a Ph.D.   

Alzheimer’s Disease has become the first cause of dementia and the most common neurodegenerative disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Disease International, we counted one new case every 3 seconds in the world for the year 2015. The symptoms are caused by the formation of amyloid plaques between neurons and by a neurofibrillary degeneracy because of Tau protein. In order to help research in the fight against the disease and with my great interest in cellular and molecular biology, I decided to join the Thinakaran Lab. Here, I am studying the role and the mechanisms of the BIN1 protein, identified as a major factor in the apparition of the Alzheimer's disease symptoms.

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